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2/5/2014 4:45:40 PM


  • Appropriate physical and mechanical properties to be used in constructional industry , including , road construction , dam construction, agriculture, oil and gas industry.
  •  Suitable Penetrability
  •  High resistance against chemical materials of soil and subterranean water

the chief reason for fracture in the roads is overflow of adjacent layer's material inside gravels foundation, which makes consistent degradation. As a result, shelter layer of the road is being destroyed and useful life of the road decreases. Thus geotextiles can improve function of highways, roads, parking and airports.

Road infrastructure, Filteration and sediments control. Reinforcment of asphalt coating and prevention of reflective cracks.
Due to the homogeneous nature of polymer fibers with oil derivatives such as tar and tack coat material , adhesion of geotextile material and asphalt can be done properly. Hence, the mixture of geotextile with asphalt and tar makes an impervious layer underneath the surface water.

Railroad infrastructure and stabilization.


Geotextiles can be used for waterproofing and prevention of water leakage from dam thus preventing its gradual destruction.

  • Protective Walls.
  • Subterranean drainage and application for the drainpipe  
  • Transmitting gas and liquid.
  • Control and maintenance of wastes.
  • System for acquring gas and liquid.
  • Protection of geo membrane.
  • Stabilization and consolidation of railroad.

Using geotextile underneath humid and soft layer improves road and railroad life span. this is done by brevetting mixture of ballast, gravel stone and sand from getting inside the layers. Heavier nonwoven geotextiles are more suitable for the application.

Soil arming against cutting and tensional forces.

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