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Fiber, Yarn & Technical textiles
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2/5/2014 6:06:12 PM

1-   Solid Polyester Fiber

2-   Hollow Polyester Fiber

3-   Cotton Type/High Tenacity

4-   Cd fiber (Acrylic’s Property)

5-   PP Fiber

6-   PP Fiber For Concrete



 Polyester Fiber

1-   Nonwoven Carpet and Flooring Industry

2-   Industrial Nonwovens

3-   Carpet and Polyester Yarn Spinning Industry

4-   Geotextile Industry

5-   Layer

6-   Furniture and sofa

7-   Pillow and head-rest mattress, Guilt, Doll making

8-   Industrial Filtering

9-   Calorific, Wet, Roof Insulation


PP Fiber:

1-   Nonwoven Carpet Industry

2-   Carpet Yarn Spinning Industry

3-   Geotextile Industry

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